DKA Member businesses that make Instagram Reel “Collaborator” requests will adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. Stay on message: Keep your message concise and engaging. Please mention that you are participating Small Shop Weekend, and include the dates of the promotion. 
  2. Good-quality production:  Find a well-lit area and speak directly to the camera. We aren’t looking for Oscar-worthy submissions, but we will only consider collaborations that portray your business and Downtown Kelowna in a positive manner.
  3. Use your assets: Consider using the digital assets available from Downtown Kelowna. The DKA can provide you with the SMALL SHOP logo and 1080 x 1080px graphics. 
  4. Ask the experts: If you’re a novice — that’s OK! You may wish to refer to Instagram’s upload requirements

In the video, you should:

  1. Introduce yourself and/or your business.
  2. Invite people to visit your business for Small Shop Weekend from April 19-21, 2024.
  3. Tell your viewers a little bit about your special event, in-house specials, special guest, featured products, etc. 
  4. Mention why shopping local is so important.

TIP: Reels that have the best rates of engagement are in the neighbourhood of 15 seconds in length. 

If you are unsure about how to invite Downtown Kelowna to “collaborate”, please visit the Instagram Help Centre and read up on how to “Create collaborative posts on Instagram.” 

Other Digital Assets

The DKA will also produce a number of digital assets you can use to announce and promote your participation in Small Shop. Please reach out to to make your request. 

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