Learn More About our plans for our Downtown area

Strategic Plan
2024 - 2028

Every five years, Downtown Kelowna Association adopts a new strategic plan. The plan was developed through input from the DKA Board of Directors, stakeholders, community partners, DKA staff, and members just like you. The plan features strategic priorities including creating a clean, welcoming and safe Downtown, business retention and recruitment, advocacy, revitalization, promotions and events.

Create a Clean &
Safe Downtown

Downtown is growing, and with more people playing, living and working Downtown, it is crucial that we create a safe, welcoming and clean neighborhood. The DKA works tirelessly to support this cause through various on-street services, such as our Downtown On Call team, or our Downtown Clean Team. We work hand in hand with the City of Kelowna, and many other community organizations to ensure these goals are met.

Attract Business
& Development

In past years we’ve seen tremendous investment and development Downtown. The DKA’s focus is to encourage more successful businesses to set up shop Downtown and to retain the long-standing businesses that contribute to our vibrant community. We work to market Downtown to developers as the most attractive neighborhood for investment and provide meaningful data to prospective businesses through our prospectus map.

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