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The first point of contact with your business should reflect a positive interaction with frontline employees. To establish a reputation for exceptional service Downtown, the DKA offers an online Customer Service Training series. This series is free of charge to all business members and their employees. 

This valuable education series comprises four training modules designed to develop your employees’ sales acumen, improve communication skills, gain the trust of customers, and create a sense of accomplishment and accountability. Training sessions are roughly 35-60 min. long, available online only, and can be viewed when it’s most convenient.  

After completing the series, get in touch with us to receive your DKA Service Certified window decal. 

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Course Overview

Part I: How to Deal with Objections Like a Pro

This 4-step process will handle any and all objections. Any impediment to a sale or idea being brought forward. This process is battle tested and if used successfully will:

  • Deflate any burgeoning situation
  • Give you more confidence to deal with the public
  • Helps uncover true issue
  • Gets to yes efficiently

Part II: Sales Ninja “Best Of”

The top 20 sales techniques and tips, in rapid fire fashion. This lunch and learn is all about sharing the top 20 battle tested techniques used by retailers from various categories, from jewelry, menswear, powersports, to knick-knacks. If you have a product to sell, this is a must attend session. If used successfully you will:

  • Uncover mistakes you might be doing daily in your store
  • Find out what the most powerful words in sales are
  • How to turn browsing into sales

Part III: How to Create Trust – Instantly

The power of “Downside.” In any sales process, there is a mistake a lot of us make. Once you understand this technique you can use this at home or at work. It’s a vital tool to build instant credibility and trust. If used successfully you will:

  • Understand the consumer mindset
  • Become a trusted advisor instead of a salesperson
  • Help others on your team uncover this secret

Part IV: How to Create a Winning Business

From employees to owners to managers, this simple formula for creating a wining culture in any company will be unveiled. Over this session you will learn how most businesses put their energies into the wrong end of the employee life cycle. It is a common mistake companies make and once you know you can go forward and create your own winning culture in your business with this sure-fire onboarding system.

  • A step-by-step formula is revealed
  • Avoid critical errors
  • Increases employee retention exponentially

Meet the Facilitator

Rick Maddison is a professor of marketing at Okanagan School of Business and has led teams in communication strategies and team collaboration across Western Canada. From Predator Ridge Golf Resort to Polaris Industries, he has helped teams develop and learn strategies that make them more effective. As an ex-broadcaster Rick’s delivery utilizes humour, and keeps teams engaged throughout presentations.

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