Runnalls Denby BC Land Surveyors


Runnalls Denby & Associates have been serving the Okanagan Valley for over thirty years. We offer various types of land surveying services, including:

Cadastral Surveys – legal surveys of property boundaries, including subdivision, consolidation, strata, airspace (3D), right of way, and easement surveys.
Topographical Surveys – site surveys which show the ground features, terrain, and elevations. These types of surveys may be used for design or volumetric (quantity) purposes.
Hydrographic Surveys – offshore surveys which map the floor of water bodies.
Control Surveys – used for photogrammetric mapping purposes, hydrographic charts, highway surveys, transmission lines, etc.
Building Location Certificates – this type of survey includes locating any structures on a particular lot with respect to the boundaries of that lot. These surveys are often used for municipal building inspectors, lawyers, notaries public, financial institutions, or owners.
Site Planning/Consulting – we can offer subdivision design, provincial and regional zoning advice, as well as subdivision design planning.