Naked Cafe


Here at Naked, we have a great menu that features amazingly yummy vegan foods. While we have whole-food, nutritious options, our items are geared towards familiar favourites! We ensure that even the biggest carnivores will find something to devour happily.

Naked Cafe is fully licensed, so customers can quench their thirst with thoughtfully-crafted speciality drinks like the Fully-loaded Caesar or a Chocolate Macadamia Nut Latte.

Naked Cafe is owned & operated by three sisters: Olivia, Teghan & Tessa Gordey. The dream was to create a vegan oasis where customers could feel comfortable & at peace when walking through the door. They are deeply moved seeing a vegan community coming together before their eyes since opening Naked. They are fabulously passionate about serving vegan comfort food, & are SERIOUS animal lovers.

While we’re not out to convert meat-eaters to a vegan diet, we do LOVE hearing from meat-eating customers (even kids who are super picky eaters) about how satisfying their meals are. To all of our faithful regulars: YOU GUYS MAKE OUR HEARTS EXPLODE WTH JOY. We adore you & what you stand for. THANK YOU ALL.