Living Positive Resource Centre


We aim to provide harm reduction, prevention and education resource, and supportive services that focus on individual and community health and wellness to anyone living with, affected by, or at risk of HIV, Hep C, or related health issues. We provide community and individual education, client support, outreach services, harm reduction services (including safer sex supplies, safer smoking/injection supplies, fentanyl-strip testing, STI testing, sharps disposal, Naloxone kits and training), menstrual products, and some nutritional support. We also have programming, resources, and support specifically for GBQT2MSM (the Men’s Health Initiative).

Drop In Hours: Monday to Friday, 2PM – 4PM. Snacks, harm reduction supplies, menstrual products, drug checking services, and other items are available for pick up during this time. *subject to availability, as some products are donation-based*