Kent Employment Law


Kent Employment Law is a full service employment law firm advising on all employment-related legal matters based in Vancouver and Kelowna.

Kent Employment Law is a full-service employment law firm based in Vancouver, Kelowna and Victoria BC, advising on all employment-related legal matters, including discrimination and human rights issues. The firm’s exclusive employment law focus and proven track record of results has enabled it to develop a sterling reputation and to forge influential relationships throughout the legal community.

We serve a variety of British Columbia businesses and regional branches of national companies, and are ideally suited to advise small and medium-sized businesses who benefit from the flexible,
personalized approach we take to each particular client situation. We cultivate a long-term, collaborative relationship with our employer clients, providing them with proactive legal advice that can prevent costly litigation and other financial losses.

Our team of employment lawyers is well known for their strategic legal advice which extends all the way from the workplace to the negotiating table to the courtroom. Where possible, our goal is to resolve employment disputes without resort to litigation. If necessary, however, we have the right mix of skill, knowledge and experience to aggressively pursue a matter through trial and, because we represent both employees and employers, we are uniquely situated to advise on all possible outcomes for our clients.