Jack’s Pizza & Liquor


It’s quite simple, its our take on California Style Pizza. After travelling to many parts of the world and eating an incredible amount of pizza, we determined that California Pizza was what we enjoyed most but we felt there was a way to put our own local spin on it. We have done this by using all of the incredible ingredients that are accessible in the 100km radius around Kelowna. The Flour, Yeast (from local winery grape vines), Tomatoes and Cheeses are all locally sourced whenever possible and the toppings are inspired on a daily basis but what’s growing on all the unique farms surrounding us. We believe that we are taking the elements that make California Pizza what it is and making it our own. The toppings available in the Okanagan Valley are endless and you might be surprised how well Peaches taste on a perfectly cooked thin crust pizza with an olive oil base and fresh locally grown oregano. Add some chilli oil and we are confident that you will be a customer for life.