Claymasters Studio – The Factory


Claymasters is an exciting and evolving company of artisan plasterers. Gerry Monty has taken his knowledge and skill of painting and texturing to develop the technique of clay surfaces.

Gerry, the owner & professional tradesman of Kelowna’s Ceiling Repaint Specialist has been in business in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia for more than 30 years. Starting off as an interior/exterior painter, Gerry then specialized in repairing & texturing ceilings.

After years of working with toxic products in the paint industry, Gerry, was introduced to American Clay. He was excited about the material right away and felt it was the time to replace the toxins with a quality natural alternative. Claymasters was started.

There is so much warmth and a certain quality about having Earth on your walls – it really does connect you to nature.

He feels this beautiful product will add value to homes and commercial properties alike. He is committed to excellent craftsmanship, quality customer service and eco-friendly building.