Blue Sky Clothing Co.


It is our commitment to make women feel good about themselves and save the planet one garment at a time. The owner and designer, Marilyn Robinson, believes in helping women to feel comfortable and beautiful without compromising the earth.

Our process of making the garments is beneficial to the environment, as well as to all the people involved. We have two small manufacturing groups: In Bali, Indonesia, with the help of talented batik artists, we hand make the fabrics of our own design. In the Sichuan province of China, the bamboo is organically grown and processed.

Since the dying minimums in Canada are too high for our small company, we cannot make our own prints or fabric. Choosing to work over-seas has everything to do with creating unique fabric and design, and nothing to do with labour costs. Most of the sewing is done in the homes of our production teams, where they work the hours of their own choosing. Many of the sewers have been working with Marilyn for the 16 years that we have been in business.

We offer you clothing that has been made with heart.
Enjoy your Eco Elegance, and may Blue Sky always shine on you!