Apple Dental Care


Apple Dental provides all general dental procedures including cosmetic and childrens dentistry.

We have been a “Preferred Provider” of Invisalign Orthodontics since 2010.

Apple Dental Kelowna is a non latex, non mercury/amalgam free office!

Enjoy our quick and painless “Ultrasonic” cleanings (no scraping).

Our VELscope “Oral Cancer Screening” device is a simple, painless and radiation free 2 minute exam which can instantly detect abnormalities in the earliest stages not identifiable to a visual exam.

Let us take the time to thoroughly explain your dental condition and advise you of all the alternatives available. You can then wisely choose the options that best suit you based on your long term goals and financial considerations. We will never pressure you to make a decision which you are not comfortable with.

Dr. Pooja Bhatt and the staff of Apple Dental Kelowna consider all their patients as family and will treat you as such with gentle dental care.