KLEOS Open Learning


When translated, Kleos means “What others hear about you.” It is a person’s story. Many students with unique and special learning needs ​​have a story forced on them by others simply because they do not fit neatly into preconceived learning boxes – we work to allow each student to write their own story and have their voice heard.

Our administration team, teachers, education support staff and our community and learning centre partners are passionate professionals who work as a seamless team to provide learning opportunities for each student that meet their unique needs. You are an important part of this team and have a seat at the table.

Who We Are
Kleos Open Learning (DL) is Group 1 Independent Distributed Learning School that is fully certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. As a leader in personalized learning and special education, we develop quality academic programs for students in grades K-12. We believe each student is one-of-a kind, not one of many. This core belief shapes our learning community and philosophy of education.