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WINTER STREET MARKET Vendor Application Form

This is the Winter Street Market 2022 Vendor Application Form, applicable to DKA businesses or other DKA Members wishing to secure a vendor stall in the “Street Market” OR for other non-DKA businesses who wish to apply to participate.

A limited number of “Street Market” vendor spaces are available for Winter Street Market 2022. Please review the Winter Street Market 2022 Information page and complete the Vendor Application Form and Contract below.



Please select one option below.
*Tenting at vendor spaces in mandatory. If you do not have your own tents, you have the option to rent them below.
*DKA Members are businesses that are located within the Downtown Kelowna Boundary. If you are located outside of this boundaty, you are not a member. You can view the Downtown Kelowna Boundary on our website.

Vendor Details
  • A limited number of vendors stalls for the street market are available. Application does not guarantee acceptance. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Each market vendor space is 10’ x 10’.
  • Tenting at vendor spaces is mandatory.
  • The event will be worked into temporary infrastructure and installations in place for Winter Street Market.
  • Exact location of your vendor space will not be guaranteed.
  • Only one business is permitted to operate per vendor space and application.
  • Fees are payable online by credit card only.

Winter Street Market 2022 VENDOR CONTRACT

The following represents a Contract to reserve vendor space at the Downtown Kelowna Association Winter Street Market 2022 on Saturday, December 3, 2022.

Between: Downtown Kelowna Association & Impact Events (hereinafter called DKA/IMPACT EVENTS)
Company or Organization entered in this forum (hereinafter referred to as Licensee)

The Parties Agree As Follows:
  1. Only one Licensee (business) is permitted to operate per vendor space and application. Licensee is not permitted to allow another business to operate from their vendor space or give their vendor space to another business without approval of DKA/IMPACT EVENTS. Collaborations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  2. DKA/IMPACT EVENTS will provide the Licensee with a location within the event area and the said location shall be at the sole discretion of the DKA/IMPACT EVENTS. Locations for DKA/IMPACT EVENTS members will be given priority.
  3. Booth animation and/or music played from Licensee vendor spaces will be restricted and must be approved by the DKA/IMPACT EVENTS.
  4. Smoking of tobacco or cannabis is strictly prohibited in the event site or at the Licensee vendor spaces.
  5. The Licensee will be responsible for providing their own materials and utilities (i.e., tables, chairs, tents, umbrellas, power, etc.) for their vendor space. Payment for any items rented or services required is the responsibility of the Licensee.
  6. Tenting for your vendor space is mandatory, as is the use of weights to secure the tent. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to provide weights; sandbags or water filled jugs are sufficient.
  7. The Licensee shall have access to the site for load in beginning after 9:00AM on Saturday, December 3, 2022, from the City Hall Parking Lot. The Licensee will be assigned a specific time at which to arrive onsite and begin load-in/set-up.
  8. Vehicular access to the site/Licensee deliveries will not be allowed into the event area after 10:30 AM, once you have uploaded your vehicle at City Hall’s Parking lot you must now relocate your vehicle for the day, Memorial or Library Parkade is suggested.
  9. The Licensee shall complete set up by 10:30AM on Saturday, December 3, 2022.
  10. The Licensee shall operate their business dealings from 11:00AM to 6:00PM on Saturday, December 3, 2022. All sales must cease at 6:00PM.
  11. The Licensee shall not pack up and/or leave the event area prior to 6:00PM on Saturday, December 3, 2022. Tear down may commence at 6:01PM.
  12. The Licensee shall be responsible for clean-up of the space on which they have been allowed to operate. Clean up and removal of all materials and garbage (including disposal of grey water) is to be completed by no later than 7:30PM. Garbage and recycling receptacles will be provided on site. The Licensee must leave event area by 7:45pm.
  13. FOOD VENDORS: All food vendors must have a drop cloth to cover their entire operation. Any costs incurred by the DKA/IMPACT EVENTS for clean-up of spilled items on brick or pavement will be charged back to the Licensee. The Licensee must comply with all regulations laid out by Interior Health’s Mobile Food Premises approval and permit regulations.
  14. Communicable Disease Prevention: The Licensee must, at a bare minimum, provide hand sanitizer for patrons and will comply with all COVID-19 safety regulations that are currently in place on the date of the event.
  15. DKA/IMPACT EVENTS will not be responsible for loss or damage to any property. Accordingly, each Licensee shall take all necessary precautions to protect their valuables.
  16. The Licensee is responsible for their own cash, credit card and debit card security.
  17. Vendor Application and Contract must be submitted by November 20, 2022. Vendor fees must be paid by November 20, 2022.
  18. This is a rain or shine event. Refunds will not be issued for inclement weather.
  19. CANCELLATION POLICY & REFUNDS: Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to the event, in writing. Refunds will only be given in the case of injury, death, or other such calamity that may befall the Licensee that prevents them from attending the event and fulfilling their contractual obligations. A refund of 50% of the vendor fee will be issued.
  20. Liability Waiver: The Applicant hereby assumes all responsibility for all known or unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgements and/or claims whatsoever that may occur to any entrant, and his or her property while participating in the Downtown Kelowna Association Winter Street Market and Light Up and does release from liability the organizers and sponsors.

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