Yoga & Breathwork Workshop At Buddha Beats Yoga Followed By Tea!


Jul 22, 2022



Buddha Beats Yoga






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I’m so excited for this one!! Yoga and yummy breath work workshop at Buddha Beats Yoga!!

We will start our evening out with some ecstatic dance followed by yoga and breathwork. Science and research studies have been done regarding the benefits of breathwork, meditation and yoga on our health as whole (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). We are seeing more and more people use Yoga and Breath as a way to help ease stress and relieve built up tension in the body.

I Aleena McKinnon with Buddha beats yoga will guide you through a wonderful yin yoga class is this amazing backyard oasis. This class is about relaxing and letting go. We will move very slowly a moving meditation with the breath. Watery, fluid, rhythmic, simple, sweet movements.

Jennelle is a passionate Breathwork & Somatic Guide. Her background includes training in trauma informed breathwork, mental, emotional, and somatic modalities. She uses a mind, body, soul approach to facilitate a deep healing experience.
Utilizing the three pillars of breathwork, intuitive movement, and sound therapy Jennelle will guide you on a deep dive journey within yourself.
The transformative combination of Breath, movement, and sound will reconnect you to the depths of your soul, provide mental clarity, and release stagnant energy.

This work shop will will dive deep and shed the layers and let go of what is no longer serving us. After class we will have some tea and chat about our amazing experiences.

All levels welcome.

We recommend bringing your yoga mat. If you need a mat please let me know.
Ticket price: $55.00

For tickets email transfer Aleena.
Please include the event date, where the event is and the full names of the people coming and your email incase I need to get a hold of you. Upon your arrival to the event you just tell them your name at the door.

For more information please contact Aleena McKinnon
Telephone: 1-250-808-1764