Stone Fox Clothing


Formerly known as Georgie Girl Vintage, Stone Fox Clothing is located on the vibrant Ellis Street corridor in Downtown Kelowna. Stone Fox reflects the evolution and revolution inspired by the sustainability movement to embrace reusing clothing with intense style and creativity.

​Sustainability and economy have always been a good reasons to choose used clothing. Moreover, the uniquely chic and uncommon designs from the past allow for creativity in dressing that is hard to find in this current wasteland of same-same apparel shopping. We have witnessed a wave of curiosity about used fashions, as it has become the first choice for many style addicts.

Although known for unusual and quality second hand apparel, Stone Fox is an upscale “like new” boutique that offers all eras of clothing with a “vintage” point of view. Also featured are organic and natural brand new lines including locally made. and huge selection of vintage and reworked denim.